The Greatest Adventure

The Greatest Adventure

Well, here we are a whopping 3 years after our last post. Craziness. Things have changed a bit since then. We have welcomed our first born into the world. Our precious son Seth was born in late October of 2013 (he’s 5 days old in this photo). Since then, Sarah’s been staying home to care for the house and family and is just now feeling like maybe she can start blogging about the Croft family adventures again. Because isn’t that what kids are, living bundles of adventure? So glad that you’ll be joining us on our journey!

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Grinding our days away

So it has been a while since we have updated. I will kindly blame my wife for that, she has taken on the necessity for keeping the world updated on behalf of the croft clan. Sadly this has left me out of practice on blogging. I’m not a fan of reading blog posts people write about posting more blogs so I will not say anymore about it and will give an update to the world about our days.

Sarah got a job about a month ago working in a travel vaccination clinic. The job really fell out of no where as a member at church seeked her out. She doesn’t have any front desk experience so this will definitely look good on her resume and it pays pretty well, more than a teacher. It is quite sad that an entry level position working in an office answering phones and checking patients in and out pays more than the educator to our children who puts in hours outside of the 40 in the school making plans and grading papers. Well that is private sector for you, a company that actually makes money is able to pay more than a government supported money whole. Meh.

Shawn is still jobless. Many job openings have come and gone that fit me perfectly yet the jobs were given away before I could even meet someone. I didn’t realize how the job market out there is. I chatted with a few guys at whole foods and central market and found out that they get 400-600 applications when they put a posting up. That is a hard number to distinguish yourself from. So, alas, I trudge on. In the mean time I’m spending a lot of time cooking.

Since I don’t have a job and we don’t really know where my job is going to be when I get one, we are still living with friends.  S&S B are blessing us with their extra room. Funny story about that, when we left for France and sold everything they bought our bed to put in their guest room. So we are getting to sleep on our old bed. We are trying to be the best house guests possible by taking care of as many groceries as we can and doing a lot of cooking and cleaning.

Just to prove our dog is weird. Here is a video of how our dog eats her food. (I know we are silly and post a lot about our dog, but she is just that cool)

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Being There

So, even though we’re currently jobless we’ve kept ourselves mostly busy with different activities, time spent with friends, creating memories. As we were driving home from yet another crazy day of adventure I realized that we are so blessed to have this time right now (even though it’s very stressful to whittle away one’s savings) because it puts us in the unique position to be there in order to experience the beauty of life. Not that you can’t be there while you’re working but I think that’s the point. We’re so focused on the next step, the next task, the next 15 minutes until quittin’ time that we miss the beauty of the moment, the beauty of the present. So, maybe try today to see the beauty in the moments around you. Try to be absolutely present in them. Because in the end that’s what makes life. Not your paycheck or the size of house you live in. It’s the moments of joy and laughter, silence and sadness, spent with those you love.

a moment of beauty

Oh. And Shawn and I would like to apologize to L.E.A. and her parents for the enormous poop that Serisse left in the backyard.

We’ll clean it up tomorrow.

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Everyone needs an Uncle Bill

Yet another weekend full of adventures this time shared with Uncle Bill who came up from Houston to visit and explore our favorite hometown Austin.

We begin on Friday night with a trip to South Congress where there are a lot of cool little shops and restaurants.We found parking and walked up and down for awhile before finally deciding on…

savory crêpes from a food truck!

I can’t remember what Shawn and Uncle Bill ordered but I got a shrimp curry crêpe and it was delicious and even had a little bit of a spicy kick to it!

Uncle Bill is excited about his crêpe!

I think they use a spinach batter for their savory crêpes. Thai Tea was great with my curry shrimp crêpe!

Then it was time to spray on the bug repellent and grab some grass to wait for the famous Congress Bridge Bats to make their appearance.

We're all waiting...

We arrived around 8pm as the website suggested and we stayed until  9pm but the bats didn’t grace us with their well-known mass exit. Instead, apparently due to the recent rain which invited many more buggies to stay under the bridge, very few bats actually left from under the bridge preferring instead to “dine-in”. Oh well. We could still see some flying around but it was a little bit disappointing to wait outside for so long and not see that many bats fly around over head. We could have been exploring the funky shops of South Congress but oh well, that will just have to wait till next time.

We then made our way to the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz to watch “The Expendables”. It was such a fun experience because we were able to watch it with all the real fans and then the Alamo Drafthouse fans which are a breed of their own. There was cheering and applause at large explosions and cool stunts and of course we enjoyed their homemade peanut butter cups so even if it wasn’t an oscar worthy film it was an enjoyable experience and worth Uncle Bill buying the tickets and food. Thanks Uncle Bill, you’re awesome!

After the movie we took Uncle Bill on a quick walking tour of 6th street and the Warehouse district but it wasn’t even midnight yet and school hasn’t started so it wasn’t quite as crazy as it may have been on a weekend during the school year around 1:30am.

We then retired for the evening because we had a busy day planned for Saturday!

Up and at ’em Saturday morning when we met Uncle Bill at Sculpture Falls. We’ve lived in Austin for 7 years now and we had never even heard of Sculpture Falls until we came back from France! Anyways, so you hike about 45 minutes out on a mostly shaded rough trail until you come to the Falls.

Uncle Bill by a cool tree on the trail

Now, the Falls aren’t as high or quite as Fall-ish since it hasn’t been raining lately but there was still a pool of water to swim in which was quite refreshing after the long trek.

The first time we went to Sculpture Falls we took Serisse and she LOVED it!! I mean, she doesn’t normally like swimming but something clicked at Sculpture Falls and she was just swimming up a storm! We were so impressed! So, this time I made sure to get a video of her first swim.

Serisse post-swim (that's a happy pup!) and Uncle Bill admiring the beauty of Sculpture Falls

Shawn jumping from cliff into Sculpture Falls pool. Serisse looks like she's considering jumping too...

After swimming around in the Falls for about 1.5 hours we treked back to the cars and then drove to the house where we’re currently house-sitting in order to shower and change.

We had planned on going to the Ice Cream Fest downtown but decided that we might as well just get ice cream so we found an Amy’s Ice Cream and got sundaes!

We all scream for Ice Cream! It's Shawn's favorite.

After Ice Cream we went over to our church building to help fill back packs with school supplies for needy children in a nearby apartment complex. However, we arrived about an hour after the event started to find that there were 300+ people there to help and that almost all of the work was already done! Uncle Bill and I were able to put some supplies into two bags but we were too late to feel like we really helped.

grabbing supplies to fill our backpacks

Even though we weren’t even able to completely fill our back packs we still enjoyed the cookout provided by our church.

burgers, foot-long hot-dogs and frito pie!

live music

3 inflate-able water slides, one dunk, an inflateable bouncehouse, and an inflated slide made this party really popular with the families w/ young children

From there we went downtown to check out Mellow Johnny’s (Lance Armstrong’s cycle shop, which was closed so we just saw the outside), Book People, and REI basically to get out of the heat. Then it was time to go to our next adventure: Annie in the Park

It was a crowded show!

Uncle Bill and I waiting for the show to start

The show was a lot of fun especially because it included songs that weren’t shown in the movie. It was also the last show of the season so it was even more special.

You would think that we would turn in after that but NO! We are adventurers!  We decided to stop by Flipnotics, a local coffee house where an indie jazz group was playing and where we got some more dessert.

Tea, coffee and nutella 11:30pm. YUM!

And that, y’all, was just Saturday!

Sunday after church we decided to take Uncle Bill to one of our favorite Tex-Mex restaurants that has really good food even thought it’s in a strip mall! They had some awesome live music too. Gotta love Austin.

happy Sunday!

this is what Shawn ordered and it was delicious!

We love this place. If you live in Austin or if you come to visit and you’ve got some time check out Azul Tequila. Shawn just raves about their beans and how he’s always satisfied when he leaves the restaurant. I ordered my favorite flautas mainly because I couldn’t decipher the ingredients in the other dishes!

From there we went to some open houses with Uncle Bill just for fun and then we took him back to his hotel so he could drive back to Houston. Thanks Uncle Bill for yet another totally awesome, adventure and fun-filled weekend!

Then, not having seen little L.E.A. all day Saturday and since we were in the area, we decided to stop by for more cuddles.

Shawn with sleeping L.E.A.

isn't she precious? 8 days old.

ready to go for a walk!

Ally and L.E.A. ready to go to the pool?

She’s a super sleeper apparently so Mamma and Papa were trying to keep her awake but no luck. She was persistent and wouldn’t wake up, wouldn’t even open her eyes!

wakey wakey L.E.A.!!

Another friend and her baby Emi playing in the pool! So cute!

Everyone loves holding little L.E.A!

So that was it y’all. We eventually went home and slept…hard. Recovering today and developing plan of attack for the upcoming week. We’re learning how difficult it is to live outside of Austin when all of our friends and other activities are in Austin. Lots of $$ going to gas. But it’s a nice place to live so no complaints here!

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Good Times

We have had so many wonderful adventures and good times over the last week or so! And everything’s been happening so quickly and we haven’t had instant access to the internet so this is the first time that I’ve been able to grab a few minutes in order to tell you about all of our adventures!

After finishing up my sewing project and our house-sitting job we went to stay with some friends who also have a dog, also speak French and also enjoy good food. So we shared some good times with them!

home-made profiteroles with home-made lemon ice cream and home-made strawberry sauce! words cannot describe its deliciousness!

Mabry and Serisse lounging on their pillows.

Shawn has been working on creating a home catering company and his first clients are some friends who have two boys. The idea is that the family buys the ingredients and then Shawn prepares the meals with help from the family and from me. I’m getting really good at snapping green beans and peeling potatoes. We usually (usually meaning the last two times we’ve done this) share one of the meals with them. It’s been a lot of fun!

Father and son stuffing pork chops with tastiness. It's so good to see everyone in the family participating!

All the boys eating stuffed jalapeno poppers.

Snoozing on Serisse


Serisse is a snuggle-bug!

and a cuddle-bug

it's really too bad that our dog doesn't like people...

Not too long after this we were called in to welcome our dear friend’s first baby girl into the world. At 11:35 pm on Friday night we received the call that they were on their way to the hospital!

hugging on soon-to-be mamma A. before the contractions really set in.

Soon-to-be Papa A. looking at his hospital bracelet.

The above took place around 12:30am. Around 2 am, I started to get a little hungry so Shawn went to the grocery store and came back with a healthy mid-morning snack:  Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers. He also got some trail mix and fresh apples and dried apples and energy drinks. But it was FREEZING in the hospital so Shawn, being the wonderful serving husband that he is, went to the car and got me a jacket that’s been hanging out in our trunk waiting for just such an opportunity to be useful. This was still not enough to really warm me up so I drank a full cup of coffee. If you didn’t know this, I am very susceptible to caffeine. No coffee ever, cokes very rarely and tea only in the morning. Anyways, so after my 4am coffee I was ready to go! Then it was just time to wait around for the little bundle of joy to grace us with her presence.

About 5 hours later, I’m starting to get a little hungry again but I’m trying to avoid the Snickers bar because the thought of adding that to my coffee & burger diet just didn’t sound appealing. It is at this point that I thank God for experienced friends. Our friends (the R.s) who are also friends of our friends (the A.s)  have already had three daughters of their own so they’ve got this hospital visit thing DOWN! They came to the 9am rescue with an amazing breakfast for which we were all SOOOOO thankful!

wonderful breakfast after a sleepless night

trying to sleep as long as possible

Mamma and Papa 30 minutes prior to pushing and 1.5 hours prior to baby's arrival!

Shawn and I were kicked out of the room but you couldn’t get us to go too far away. We hung around outside the door, in a constant state of prayer, crying when we heard those first little baby cries and then jumping for joy when we heard that she was a beautiful baby girl! It was such an incredible honor to be a part of this moment for our dear friends.

Granny with the fresh newborn L.E.A.

There was much cuddling and crying and attribute assigning for the next several hours. She weighed 7lbs. 12 oz. and was 19 3/4″.

Me with 5 hour old L.E.A. while mamma & papa were napping

After all of this excitement and lack of sleep (maybe one hour between the two of us) we were pretty exhausted ourselves. Though not as exhausted as mamma and papa A. of course!!!

We are so excited about L.E.A. coming into the world healthy and we are so thankful to be a part of her birth and especially her life. Wow. I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about it. Can’t wait till I can hold her again!

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The Sewing Project- The End

So I realized that the last post should have been titled “The Beginning and The Middle” but oh well. Anyways, it was only a few days later, and not too many hours spent sewing, that I was able to complete the laptop bag and cover! Here are the pictures!

There were only a few hiccups on these last steps and they were as follows:

1) The pattern writing people got lazy toward the end and didn’t tell me how to make the double D loop strap to where it would actually hold the strap in it’s adjusted position! Shawn and I tried ever variation we could think of to get it to stay but it wouldn’t! So, eventually, I’ll have to go to the craft store to get a different kind of hook/loop in order to make the strap truly adjustable.

2) Because (as with most things you sew) I had the laptop cover inside out to finish it up I stitched it backwards! As in, the intended front was the back and the intended back was the front. Doesn’t sound like a big deal and I considered leaving it but it just didn’t look right. So I ripped out all the stitches and did it again.

3) While stitching the laptop cover I again had huge issues with the positioning of the zipper. First I sewed the lining in the wrong place so I had to rip out those stitches and stitch it again. But then it was too close to the zipper and therefore to difficult to open and close the zipper, so I ripped out the stitches and stitched it yet again!

Oh well. It came out okay. I hope my sister likes it!

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The Sewing Project- The Beginning

So, a while back, I said that I was going to keep y’all posted on my progress with my sewing project. So here it is…the beginning.

The first step of any project (after selecting the pattern and purchasing all of the fabric and notions (ex: zippers, velcro, etc.)) is to wash your fabric before you cut into it. This makes sure that your project won’t come out all funky because it shrunk or something the first time you wash it. I didn’t take a picture of this step because I figure everyone has seen fabric be washed at some point or another.

While the fabric is washing you can begin cutting out all of the pattern pieces. Pattern pieces are printed on big sheets really thin paper so you have to cut out the individual pieces. Then you pin the pattern pieces to the fabric and cut out the fabric pieces needed for your project. For this project, there are 22 pattern pieces. So that = a lot of cutting for me! I would have PBS Create on in the background so that I would be inspired to continue creating! 🙂

cutting out the pattern pieces

I had to spread the cutting out over two days because there was just SO much to cut!! There may only have been 22 pattern pieces but most of those had duplicates or triplicates including the lining so I ended up cutting 45 pieces of fabric! All I can say is that those expensive fabric scissors are totally worth it!

everything finally cut out!!

After cutting everything out, some projects (like this one) have some pattern pieces that have linings that have to be fused (read: ironed) on. Practically every piece of this pattern, being a laptop bag and needing mores support, has lining. Once all of the fusing’s done you can start stitching. I’ve been stitching a little bit here and there, didn’t have much to show for the several hours that I put in until….TODAY! Today, I finally just sat down at the machine, popped in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows CDs and stitched away! So after a total of probably 12 hours sewing (8 of which were today) this is what I’ve accomplished so far:

YAY Progress!!

It might not look like much to you but that’s the first 55 steps of this 80 step project! The only reason I really stopped today was actually because I ran out of thread! I never thought I’d say that but there you have it. I actually finished off my first ever spool of thread. Accomplishment. sigh.

Some new stuff that I’ve done on this project that I’ve never done before: sewing zippers, making actual pockets and piping.

Who knows, if I have another day or two like this one, I could finish this project up real soon (as in, by the end of next week!) and I’m sure that my sister (who is to be the recipient of this laptop bag) would appreciate getting it sooner rather than later!

In other news we just started a house/dog-sitting job for the next 10ish days and it’s going really well! The family has two ity-bity dogs that Serisse ignores of course, unless they’re trying to get to her food. This is what the littlest one, Vista, did as soon as we got there:

She makes Serisse's pillow look so HUGE!

On a side note, I discovered something interesting about myself the other day but again, in order to explain it, I have to go back a ways. A couple of years ago, when Shawn was unable to work due to back surgeries he started reading a LOT. Mostly fantasy and science fiction but also some classics like The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Muskateers. Since then he’s encouraged me to read some of his favorites. The most recent is the fantasy books in the Vlad Taltos series by Steven Brust. In these books the main character (who can of course do magic) has a mini-dragon type pet that rides around on his shoulder. I imagine that he’s kind of like the parrot for a pirate. Anyways, I brought the book with me to a coffee house so I could read a bit while waiting for my friend to join me. It was at this point that I realized that I have an aversion to being seeing with a book that has any kind of fantastical or science fiction type of character on the front! I didn’t want anyone to see the dragon on the cover of my book so when I was reading it, I kept it flat on the table. When I wasn’t reading it, it was resting on the table, cover down with the spine of the book facing away from everyone else. Why? Why do I do this!?! I’m not entirely sure but I bet it has to do with the idea/perception I have that these books are not as intellectual as the classics. I’m sure if I was reading The Count of Monte Cristo I would be holding the book up proudly and displaying it for everyone to see as if to say: “See how intellectual I am. I’m reading THIS…for FUN!” Well I’m not sure where I was going with all of this but the point is that these books that I’ve read have actually been pretty good, if not really good. And while I may be a literature snob and still prefer my beloved Pride and Prejudice, it’s really good to get out there and explore other genres and styles of writing. And I think the most important thing (is to not start sentences with “and”???) is that you’re reading at all. It’s good to give your brain the work out!

So, I’m going to take break from sewing and enjoy some fantasy reading before I go to bed. G’night y’all! Bonne nuit!

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Manliness, BBQ and Babies

Let us begin with Manliness. Shawn, with the help of our dear friend Anthony,learned how to and successfully replaced the spark plugs on our beloved Dodge Neon, Antonio (named after Antonio Banderas).

Being very manly and repairing the car!

Our dear friends are expecting their first child in the early weeks of August! Something that we do in the U.S. that apparently doesn’t happen in France is that we have parties (also known as Showers) for expecting mothers in order to give them gifts like baby clothes and accessories to help them with their first baby. Anyways, I had never ever even been to a baby shower before and I was honored to be a hostess for my friend’s shower. There were several other hostesses (five total) and we divided up the responsibilities like decorations, invitations, food and cake. I signed up for cake. My friend said she wanted a chocolate on chocolate cake, and, not having a favorite recipe myself, I decided to try a few different ones.

The five sample cakes and Serisse under the table.

It was crazy baking these five cakes in three hours! Make the batter, put it in the oven, wash the utensils, start making the batter for the next one, take the first cake out, put the next cake in. repeat. But we were able to select our favorite cake which was great and then we tried to share the cake with as many people as possible so that we wouldn’t eat it all ourselves.

After the crazy morning of baking, Shawn and I packed up for a night at another friend’s ranch.  They treated us to an amazingly delicious BBQ dinner.

Yes, French friends, this was our meal: delicious meat and bread. that's it. oh okay, there were some potatoes, beans and coleslaw on the side.

in real bbq places there are no forks and no bbq sauce!

the inside of the restaurant.

doors of the restaurant

It's pronounced: kroytzis

it was too hot & too much work for a bonfire so instead we had sundaes with melted chocolate and graham crackers.

finished out the evening with some new card games

Serisse was loving the wide open spaces!

The next evening we celebrated with friends because he just finished the last class of his masters program. His wife completely wowed our taste buds with our first chilled watermelon soup.

tasty soup with cracked black pepper and mint! very refreshing in the Texas heat!

A week later it was time for the baby shower. The hostesses got together to finish up preparations.

The chocolate cakes that I baked and Shawn decorated.

we made cake balls that were amazingly delicious!

We played games at the shower. This one is: What does Mommy want the baby to be like?

The 2nd game: Identify the baby food!

The pretty present table. Mommy got a lot of lovely thoughtful and useful gifts!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the shower which was excellent! I was completely exhausted afterwards and had to take a 3 hr. nap!

So we’re having a lot of fun and adventures as we’re still assessing opportunities for future career paths.

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February Vacation-Amsterdam-Day 12

Our second day in Amsterdam was pretty rainy. But not the heavy Texas rain. Just an annoying drizzle that’s strong enough for you to want to use your umbrella. We walked around the town a little bit. I was hoping to get into the Van Gogh museum but the line was really long and waiting in a really long line in the rain and then paying quite a bit of money didn’t sound like much fun. Though in retrospect, being out of the rain and doing something that we were really interested in doing would probably have been worth it in the end. Oh well. We thought we’d try to get there on the way back but that didn’t happen.

As we were walking around we got to see some really cool things:

Shawn saw this cool car as we were walking toward the downtown.

Our walk wasn’t too long but it was long enough for Shawn to work up an appetite for some more herring!

it's the flag that makes it.

We walked around downtown some more in the rain. Took a stop in a hidden shopping mall to pay to use the restroom. Then walked over to the famous flower market.

one of the many impressive stands at the flower market.

Our hosts had recommended that we try these Danish pancakes so we found a little restaurant where we could sit at a bar that faced the windows over looking the flower market and we got these amazingly delicious pancakes.

the little danish pancakes are on the left and a massive pancake is on the right.

to give you some perspective on the massive panake, that's Shawn's hand in the background. I think it (the pancake) had full strips of bacon in it.

After a tasty lunch of pancakes we continued walking and saw some interesting sights:

those are some big wheels o' cheese!

a brightly colored building is even brighter when it's grey and rainy

Of course we had to try some other Dutch culinary specialties since all of our vacations revolve around food. The problem is that it’s been about 5 months since our trip and I can’t remember what any of this stuff is called!

what are these? I don't remember. Fried Dutch Tastiness. there you go

Then we got severely lost in the canal area as we tried to find our way home. We did eventually make it though we were pretty soaked to the bone by the time we got there as the wind was so powerful that it nearly ripped our umbrella in two! We had yet another excellent dinner with our hosts.

these are little shrimp crispy things that you put into hot oil and they puff up to twice the size!

Indonesian dinner. delicious!

After some fun chatting it was off to bed again because we had to leave early the next day in order to catch our 6 am train. In fact, none of the public transport was going to be running at that time so we would have to walk 45 minutes to the station. So we had to wake up around 4:30am. Fortunately, it wasn’t raining and it was a great time to see the city because the streets were practically empty and it was like seeing it at night without all of the scary drunk/high people. We had no issue getting to the train station or finding our train. Slept most of the way to Brussels where we once again changed trains and then slept most of the way to Paris. By the time our train arrived in Laval we had spent 12 hours traveling. Maybe next time we’ll just swallow the extra cost for a significantly shorter travel time and take the plane instead of the train.

Following this trip, it seemed like our lives in France really picked up speed. We were busy practically every night and weekend.

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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

Which is perfectly illustrated by the main point of this post. So, in order to appreciate this you must understand something about my sense of fashion. For the longest time I thought I didn’t have any because no one else seemed to like what I like. It took several years (of very awkward dressing) for me to finally realize that I do have a sense of fashion…it’s just 60 years old! For example: Lucille Ball’s costumes on the “I Love Lucy Show” and Meryl Streep’s costume at Dorothy’s birthday party in “Julie and Julia” ( I have so far been unsuccessful in finding images on the web to link to in order to show you examples so you’ll just have to watch the episodes and the movie). I have also discovered, thanks to Facebook (oddly enough), one of my favorite clothing websites: ModCloth which specializes in selling actual vintage and vintage inspired clothing! Unfortunately, even the most inexpensive dress on the site is beyond my budget for the moment but just wait till Christmas. I’m working on my wish list already!

Anyways, so I’m searching ModCloth thinking how much I love this style of clothing and how neat it would be to make my own when I get this sudden urge to search the Craigslist free section just for fun. And what to my wondering eye should appear but a post about 50+ free patters from the 1940s-1970s!! So I e-mail the lady who had posted and was at her house in an hour picking up a huge box of treasures!! The poor lady didn’t know how to sew and I think she told me she didn’t even have a sewing machine. She had been given the patterns after her grandmother-in-law passed away and had just been holding onto them for years. I assured her that they were going to a home where they would be cherished and well cared for. When I got home (meaning the place we’re currently staying..cuz that changes quite often) I was like a giddy school girl who couldn’t wait until the first day of school when she got to wear her brand new first day of school outfit for the first time! I couldn’t wait to take them all out of the box and examine them immediately! Then I selected my favorites and photographed them so I could share them with you friends, family and faithful readers!

aren't they just lovely?

way beyond my technical skill level but exciting none the less!

Other than that extremely exciting news (for me anyways) we’ve been mostly hanging with friends and trying to determine what to do with our lives, which, may I just say, is no easy task. But the fun times are what everyone wants to know about so here they are!

Serisse and her new boyfriend Sam.

The guys enjoying many a freeze pop.

And as usual we enjoyed many of Shawn’s culinary creations. He is, however, losing patience with me constantly photographing his meals so I have to get special permission so these are all you get…so enjoy them:

fresh (read: not canned) green beans, sausage stuffed baked green bell pepper= deliciousness

homemade pizzas, very tasty and cheap!

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